Free training alone won't help

We believe that free training alone won't help job seekers without jobs. Many would need a means to earn as well to survive. They may have responsibilities and families to take care of. provides job seekers with an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Please support this initiative. If you are a job seeker, send your resume to with subject as 'INTERNSHIP'.

  • 100% of profit from is used to pay stipends to our student interns without a job

  • Our interns along with support from community heroes prepare the best certification materials

  • As a thank you gift, contributors can get special discounts from 50% up to 95% in the portal

Contributing Options

Select a contribution amount as you can afford.


  • Want to know about content sharing options for course and content creators.

    Course and content creators (bloggers, YouTubers) can support our job seekers without jobs with a small contribution to share their content in our Facebook groups with close to 90,000 members. With Rs. 1000, you can share up to 1 post per year, with Rs. 2000, you can share up to 3 posts per year, with Rs. 3000, you can share up to 6 posts per year, and with Rs. 5000, you can share up to 12 posts per year. The maximum number of posts you can share per month is 1. Refer to for details of our communities.

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    Please send a mail to