Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Certification Preparation Course

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • How to get started?

    • How to contact for any issues or doubts

  • 2

    AZ-900 - 01 - Cloud Computing 101

    • Video: Cloud Computing 101

    • Lab: How to create an account on Azure

    • Sample Questions: Cloud Computing 101

  • 3

    AZ-900 - 02 - Azure Architecture 101

    • Video: Azure Architecture 101

    • Lab: How to create and delete resource groups

    • Lab: How to launch a Virtual Machine

    • Sample Questions: Azure Architecture 101

  • 4

    AZ-900 - 03- Azure Core Services

    • Video: Azure Core Services

    • Lab: Creating an App Service in portal

    • Lab: Working with Storage Account

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Core Services

  • 5

    AZ-900 - 04 - Azure Solutions

    • Video: Azure Solutions

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Azure Solutions

  • 6

    AZ-900 - 05- Azure Networking

    • Video: Azure Networking

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Azure Networking

  • 7

    AZ-900 - 06 - Managing Identities

    • Video: Managing Identities

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Managing Identities in Azure

  • 8

    AZ-900 - 07 - Azure Security

    • Video: Security tools and features

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Security tools and features

  • 9

    AZ-900 - 08 - Privacy and Compliance

    • Video: Monitoring, compliance, privacy and trust

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Privacy, Compliance Trust

  • 10

    AZ-900 - 09 - Subscriptions and Pricing

    • Video: Subscriptions and Pricing

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Subscriptions and Pricing

  • 11

    AZ-900 - 10 - Support, SLAs and Service Lifecycle

    • Video: Support, SLAs and Service Lifecycle

    • Sample Questions: AZ-900 - Support, SLAs and Service Lifecycle

Terms and Conditions

1. To get 200 % refund in case you do not pass, you need to attend exam on or before October 31, 2020. You should also have gone through the video tutorials, passed internal quiz and got the BuddyTutorial certificate, and joined for the live session on day before the exam.

2. To get 100 % refund in case you do not pass, you need to attend exam within 25 days of purchase. You also need to clear the internal quiz and get the BuddyTutorial certificate.

3. For free BuddyCult membership for a year, you should clear the exam within 30 days of purchase.

4. You can continue to get extra discounts for all future certification materials that you purchase in next one year.

5. To work with us, or become an affiliate, you need to pass the internal quiz. You will have unlimited chances. Eternal certificate is not mandatory.