Quiz and Talk

Get better through quizzes and talks

With Covid-19, many classes have become online. However, do you attend the online classes with the same attention and dedication as you would do with a regular class? Many won't. What about teachers? Can they be sure that the students are actively participating? Many can't. Quiz and Talk is a concept developed by Heartin for his online Webinars during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Within his sessions, he added a live quiz with leaderboards. He tried it out in a few webinars he did for engineering students and teaches, and the feedback was very positive. Quiz and talk were further refined for students who learn offline also. In the modified approach, they learn from the quizzes and they also practice talking in front of a community. From a trainer perspective, quiz and talk remain the same as what Heartin Kanikathottu developed with minor changes. While the quizzes and lectures are hosted here on this website, community discussions happen through Facebook and BuddyCult groups. There will also be exclusive live webinars and personal 1-1 sessions for the community members.